1 Easy Place

1 Easy Place is a suite of services that are designed to help PTO's, booster organizations and parents have one place to manage ordering lunches, sports registrations and volunteer requests and sign-ups. All of the paperwork and reporting are streamlined so there is less of a burden on the volunteers who manage and process all of this paperwork at a school.

School Lunch streamlines the process for school lunch administrators by allowing them to add items to lunch menu and setting each day's menu.  There are many reports that can be generated and distributed to the lunch workers, teachers and lunch vendors. The parents have an account where they deposit funds for their family. As they place lunch orders for their children, money is deducted from their account. When the funds are depleted, the parents simply deposit more funds. Payments can be received by credit card or check.

Sports Registration shows the parents the sports that are available for sign-ups based on their children's age and gender. All of the forms are completed securely online. Payments can be made by credit card or check for the family. The sports coordinators are able to assign the children to a team and to

Many Advantages

  • Ease of use- The application is very intuitive to use. Parents setup an account, log in and selectt each child's menu. They can view their account and make credit card deposits.

    Setting Lunches - Setting lunches for administrators could not be easier. Simply drag-and-drop the lunch item into the day the item is available for purchase. That is it!

    Deposits - Whether you accept credit cards or not, deposits are made into the system with just a few mouse clicks. Administrators click a parent and a virtual check appears for the adminisitrators to fill out. If you choose to allow credit cards, the parent fills out the virtual check are redirected to Paypal to complete the transaction. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account and are available immediately.

    Reporting - There are many reporting features in School Lunch. They include reports needed to order lunches from the vendors, account statements for each parents and daily lunch reports for teachers and cafeteria workers to name a few.

    Communications- The school lunch administrator can add custom messages to the parent's home page. A custom email is also sent when the parent registers or a they make a deposit.

    Requirements.  Adobe Flash 9.0+
    Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, or Safari 3.0+ browser.